I'm having a lot of Laser Hair Removal done. You'll be totally hair free at A&E, great prices and the staff is great.
“Was very happy with everything....
will be back!”
“Have had a great experience & great results, couldn’t ask for more!”
“Love the woman who is working with me. Sorry but I request her all the time. She knows what I need and helps me make the correct decisions.”
Dear friends, today was my first time ever to get laser hair removal. I am so happy I chose A&E. They have very nice and professional staff, deals are so good I couldn't even believe it myself, and on top of it all their payment plan was interest free. I would highly recommend A&E! Consultations are free so I didn't lose a thing.
“Staff is always friendly!”
“I always feel comfortable during treatments. Staff are all very friendly.”
“I was very satisfied with how my consultation went. Very helpful.”
“Great experience. Friendly staff. Looking forward to results of treatments!”
“Your girls are wonderful! Caring and considerate... and knowledgeable.”
“Staff is always friendly, efficient
and timely.”
“I am very satisfied about my service at A & E. Everyone is nice and helpful. I have never had any issues. Def. would recommend A & E!”

A Whole New Level of Thanks

Dear Joe, Barb, and all other staff at A&E,

Last night I couldn't sleep; I was so excited to be coming in to A&E this morning! It's been almost exactly 22 years since I first walked through those doors, and I have never even thought of going elsewhere because the service is outstanding. I don't know many of you, but I do know that Joe and Barb are amazing, and that every time I call in, the receptionists have been pleasant and helpful. What more could I ask for?

So when I had to wait 77 days, instead of the usual 30-35 days, I did not know how I was going to do it. I did not even think it was feasible. —And I was right...it's NOT!

Over the past couple of months, I have been on a crazy roller-coaster ride of emotions, and, now that it is over, want to say "thank you" to all of you once again from the bottom of my heart, for being my own personal heroes! I know it is considered to be a luxury service, but it is so much more than that. Looking good provides me with confidence and dignity, gives me peace of mind, and even my identity, to a certain degree. Thank you, Joe, for creating this place so many years ago! Thank you Barb, not only for being my hairdresser, but my friend, my shrink, and a cherished confidant.

Finally, I want to thank this crazy COVID-19, for helping me to deepen my faith in God. Because of this pandemic, I have become stronger, more empathetic, and more resilient than I ever thought I could be. I have had to put my ego in check, go out with a headscarf, and wonder if people thought I was sick, then given thanks that I am not. I have gone out with a baseball cap for the first time in my life, and felt like a silly kid again, so that's cool! I have humbled myself on so many levels and learned to empathize with those who suffer this every day because they do not have the resources I have. So, this has compelled me to give even more to those who have less.

So, when I say thank you today, my gratitude is on a whole new level and I want you to know, that, going forward, walking the doors of A&E will never be the same! God bless you all!

-From and anonymous but truly grateful client

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greatly from patient to patient